Adult Care

Dental Care

  • Brushing daily will help reduce dental disease and decrease the frequency of needed dental cleaning for your pet
  • Dental treats can help reduce as well. Choose a treat the your dog enjoys, doesn't cause GI upset and is easily digestible. (CET chews, OraVet Chews)
  • Dental radiographs and dental cleanings help treat dental disease and are recommended at regular intervals

Physical Exams

  • Adult dogs need yearly exams
  • During this exam we will check: nose, mouth, eyes, ears, skin, mobility, heart and lung sounds and palpation of the abdomen
  • We will discuss any specific concerns you m ay have for your pet and create a personalized plan

Nutritional Needs

Nutritional needs change as your pet becomes and adult. We will provide you with important information on food, treats and how many calories your pet should receive each day based on their lifestyle.

Wellness Labs

  • Heart worm & tick disease screen (4Dx snap test) yearly
  • Fecal parasite screening yearly
  • Ages 3-6 junior Blood Screen: CBC, Chemistry IO, thyroid screen & urine check yearly

Vaccines for Adult Dogs

  • DA2PP (distemper, adenpvirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza) every 3 years
  • Rabies every 3 years after initial 1 year
  • Leptopira yearly
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica yearly
  • Additional vaccines pending lifestyle: influenza Borrelia (Lyme)

Why should I have wellness blood work on my pet if they feel fine?


  • Even if blood work is normal it provides a base line reading prior to disease
  • Animals often hide illness from their human pack. Because of this we do not always diagnose disease as eary as we would like to and may have less options for treatment. You may assume your pet is sleeping more because they are older, when really they have a disease process going on in their body. Blood work, in conjunction with an exam, will help us treat your pet so they feel better.
  • Your pet is on medication already or we are starting a medication