<--- We carry Hill's Science Diet prescription foods. Sometimes certain health conditions require that an animal have a special diet to help control chronic disease conditions. If we don't have what you need, we are happy to place special orders. We do not carry maintenance pet food,  but our doctors are able to make diet recommendations based on your pet's needs and where you shop for food. We have been trained in nutrition, as well as, in anatomy & physiology of the digestive tracts of animals.

Meds & More

In addition to our fully stocked pharmacy, we also offer nutritional supplements, natural calming aids, shampoos, dental care products, treats and toys for your pet. Now we also have over 3000 products available online! 

High quality, vet approved!

When you buy local you are helping to support our awesome community and often save money! Don't fall for the big box store hype, our prices are competitive and often less than those big stores. 

‚ÄčWe have our own branded products from shampoo to supplements and pill treats!